Future of Coworking Spaces

Co-working spaces are quickly gaining popularity among situs slot online organizations and are doubling their inventory from the past few years in the major markets in India.

Seeing co-working spaces climbing charts industry experts and asset owners are making researches about whether this segment holds a future or not.

Flexible workspaces or business centres in India are blowing up. The lease by Flexi operators has managed to generate some impressive numbers where it has crossed 7 million square feet during 2018 which accounts for 14% of total leasing during the year.

Multiple factors have contributed to make Coworking Spaces a major blockbuster in India. The country is the third-largest startup adobe after China and the US which is the primary reason behind the bend we witness in why startup companies prefer co-working spaces for their employees.

It is also stimulating to know that organizations majorly appreciate shared workspaces because of their flexibility along with the ease to set up the office without getting poked by the administration.

According to the recent data, Bengaluru has the highest leasing by Flexi operators which is followed by Mumbai and Delhi-NCR. Earlier co-working spaces were only trusted by startups but now the tables have turned as large enterprises apart from setting traditional offices also take a seat in the co-working centres.

Before digging into the reasons why co-working spaces are amazing options lets take look from where it all started.

A few years from now it was purely acceptable if an organisation had an offline presence but not an online presence whereas now the story has completely changed. The concept of coworking spaces arose from its necessity as when the question comes to starting up then entrepreneurs don’t leave any stone unturned.