Why you’ve never heard of the internet’s $US22 million Young Rich Lister

It takes around ten rings before Jeremy Cabral picks up the judi online. Most professionals would consider this sloppy form, but that’s far from the truth today. It has more to do with this 34-year-old quiet achiever’s estimated worth of $US22 million (A$30 million).

The ideal world would have no idea who Jeremy Cabral is if it wasn’t for the 2020 Australian Financial Review Young Rich List. And there’s a good reason for that: he’s had his head down for over a decade chipping away at a digital empire and doing the hard jobs no-one else wants to touch.

Stacking 20 kilogram bags of cow manure on greenhouse shelves six nights a week at age 14? He’s done it. Manually coding HTML web pages at age 15? He’s done it. Roaming industrial estates as a door-to-door salesman spruiking pens at age 16? He’s done it. Joining the $US186 million (A$250.4 million) global comparisons site Finder as a Co-Founder? He’s doing it.

“My mind was never focused on the physical work, but I think it gave me an appreciation of how hard it is to earn a crust,” Cabral says.

“In my life, I’ve always wanted to do whatever it takes to succeed and that probably means personal sacrifices that others aren’t willing to take.”

The unlikely Young Rich Lister

About 4.66 billion people populate the internet today and Cabral and his company are determined to claim a slice of that people pie.

Finder was founded in Australia by Fred Schebesta and his business partner Frank Restuccia back in 2006. Cabral met Schebesta in 2008 through a random tweet discussing the then-new iPhone’s potential. The duo formed a friendship by nerding out over search engine optimisation strategies, but it wasn’t until Schebesta faced his own page ranking dilemma with Google that Cabral was called to step in and help reinstate Finder’s diminishing web traffic.

With no existing how-to guide at the time, Cabral worked his magic and succeeded. This eventually led to an offer of the COO role alongside a 10 per cent stake in the startup with an opportunity to help run the business as Co-Founder.

“I think it’s my superpower to break down a complex problem into a series of parts and develop an action plan that gets it done,” he says. “I’ve been pretty obsessed with search engines and internet marketing in general for a long time.”

Since then, Cabral has been pivotal as Finder’s behind-the-scenes guy who’s helped reinforce the brand as Australia’s most visited product comparison site. He’s also overseen the company’s positive venture into the lucrative Northern Hemisphere market, which is a mission in itself.

If it weren’t for recent documents filed with the corporate regulator, which revealed Cabral’s $US22 million (A$30 million) holding of Finder, it’s likely he’d still be that behind-the-scenes guy tapping away on a keyboard instead of gracing the glossy pages of Australia’s wealthiest young entrepreneurs.

“I’m not one to seek attention but, for me, looking at it from the lens of what we’ve managed to achieve as a company, I have so much appreciation and respect for the crew who built the company we have today,” he says. “It’s really exciting to see where we’re going next.”

Where they’re going next isn’t nearly as cool as where they’ve come from.